Will The Economic Recession Create Even More Internet Marketing Millionaires?

To write for blog,Article Marketing: How to Write a Powerful Article Title and Great Content Articles you have to break all of the rules you learned in school.

You have to make sure that you grab your audience attention with your title so that they can not wait to read the rest of the passage.

Speaking of writing powerful magnetic title, here are the 12 proven phrases that you can use to grab your target audience attention and make them eager to find out more.
1. How to…

This is the most basic and powerful template.

a. EXAMPLE: How to be a happy internet millionaire and fulfill purpose in life
2. Who else wants to…

This implies social proof. People like to be included in this certain group that has already proven to work.

a. EXAMPLE: Who else wants to be another internet millionaire
3. The Little-Known Secret of/to…

“Secret” is a very enticing word that people are eager to get inside information.

a. EXAMPLE: A little-known secret for getting your kids to love eating vegetables
4. Here’s the method that is helping (target audience) to (benefit)

a. EXAMPLE: Here’s the method that’s helping you to be the next internet millionaire
5. A quick way to…

This is a fast result that gives them the promise.

a. EXAMPLE: A quick way to pay for college you’ve always wanted

b. EXAMPLE: A quick tip for relieving chronic headache

This makes the human desire to be like their heroes or star. It also promises a solution to a desire

a. EXAMPLE: Shoot the hoop Like Magic Johnson
7. What everyone ought to know about ________

This makes people really curious and want to know if they know the essential things that you promise to share in your content.

a. EXAMPLE: What everyone ought to know about foreign exchange investment

b. EXAMPLE: What very blogger should know about writing a great content
8. Give me (SHORT PERIOD OF TIME) and I’ll Give You (BENEFIT)

This phrase states a benefit that you will give them in a short amount of time

a. EXAMPLE: Give me 3 minutes and I’ll make you a better blogger

This template appeals to our desire because we all want mahzoozae to do as little work as possible.

a. EXAMPLE: The Lazy Blogger’s Guide to generate a ton of money
10. X Ways to…

It is a concise list that implies a strong benefit with a limited amount of information to consume.

a. EXAMPLE: 7 Proven Ways to make money online
11. If you don’t DO SOMETHING now, You’ll regret Later

This will grab people attention because they don’t want to regret later and miss out on something.

a. EXAMPLE: If you don’t quit smoking now, you’ll regret later
12. Do you make these common _______ mistakes?

Again, this is fear of regret grabs people attention because they hate to make mistakes.

a. EXAMPLE: Are you making these common investment mistakes?

How to write a great content

To produce a great content for your blog, you have to write short, clear, and concise sentences. You should target the average readers who are 7th or 8th grade reading level. Read “The article marketing secret that internet marketer must know” for more details.